Monday, January 19, 2015

Recent Show at the Chateau L'Amour Gallery...

Here are some photographs I took at my most recent show.  The gallery is the Chateau L'Amour Gallery, owned by the amazing Dennis Delgado.  The show was hosted by Chris 'Cakeshop' Penalber of Cakeshop Oddities and Melissa Lyndell of Double Agent.  They did an amazing job curating and hanging the show.  There was incredible art wall to ceiling.  I didn't get the names of many of the artists work which was shown, so if you see any art you recognize, feel free to tag or comment with the name and I'll be very happy to know who the artist is...  Also, if you see art you're interested in, the show information is here.  To see more of my art, please visit

It was inspiring being a part of this show!
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Me, Lisa Isabella Russo, with my art and the fantastic Chris 'Cakeshop' Penalber, missing from this photo is his lovely partner in art and life Melissa Lyndell.

My painting Watchful Eyes & Aphrodite, by me Lisa Isabella Russo, plus more wonderful art

My painting Ocean Born, by me Lisa Isabella Russo, plus wonderful art by Johnnie Dominguez

Alex Ledante of The Strange Art of Ledante with his incredible art

Artist Christopharo of Art By Christopharo and one of my favorite all time pieces of art plus right above his head the artwork of James Plasencia!

Close up of a piece by Art by Christopharo

Lovely piece by Edan Curtis

by Eddie Fowler

Lovely piece by Edan Curtis

by artist Martha Pennington

by artist Ricardo Flores

I believe this fantastic piece is by Carissa Louise Martin-Art! 


artist name unknown to me

artist name unknown to me

artist name unknown to me

artist name unknown to me

artist name unknown to me

artist name unknown to me

View of one of the walls just packed with wonderful art from top to ceiling!


Christine said...

It looks like a wonderful venue! Your pieces look amazing displayed like that. Thanks for sharing Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the show! :) Your Aphrodite and the owl turned out absolutely stunning . . . I admire this piece greatly! Wow! Ocean Born is etherial :)
By the way, I like your outfit your wearing in the photo.
All of the artwork is beautiful and so interesting. I like that they're all so different. How often do you show your artwork?

Margie said...

Wonderful to see so much art by so many artists at the show.
But, yours I love the best, Lisa.
And I really meant that!
And you look very lovely...

Thanks for sharing ... It was like I was at the show :)

Margie said...

And I so love "Ocean Born"
So fabulous!!!

Out of Sight L said...

WOW such a wonderful place for your wonderful art among other artist worthy of being next to you, I love those art shows, I wish I could go, and buy what I love the most and 99% would be from you, how i wish I could ...sweet Lisa Isabella

Lisabella Russo said...

Thanks very much! It was fun for me to see the other artist's work as well. Kae, I'm not sure how often I do shows, it tends to vary, I know I should probably try to do more of them though...