Friday, April 2, 2010

Renoir in the 20th Century at LACMA and some sketches

Yesterday I had the tremendous fortune of being able to attend the show "Renoir in the 20th Century" at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It is lush and gorgeous and fabulous! His use of color is so fantastic. Some of these paintings are works that I had seen prior to in books, but having the opportunity to see them in person was just phenomenal. The scale, the brush strokes, and the intensity were well worth the visit. They had a couple of brief films (2 minutes possibly) of him painting. He had rheumatoid arthritis, but he was still so driven to create. I almost considered missing this show because of the expense, it's a special exhibit so it's pricier then the standard admission, but I'm very glad I opted to renew my membership and take in this show. It was uplifting and inspiring. I'm also going to see their show "American Stories," another special exhibit, but I felt like seeing the one show was as much as I could absorb in one visit. Actually, I think it would be great to see it again, but I am glad to have seen it at least the once.

I have some sketches, short one and not yet done for tonight, but this is what I have for the week:

Friday... an orchid floral

Saturday... nothing at all
Sunday... a girl

Monday... another girl

Tuesday... an additional girl

Wednesday... a flower

Thursday... a girl

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