Monday, August 4, 2014

Irises by Vincent van Gogh at the J. Paul Getty Center Museum of Art & a Water Lily WIP

I love the art of Vincent van Gogh, there's such a wonderful energy and passion to his work.  This piece is part of the permanent collection at the J. Paul Getty Center Museum of Art.  Although he considered it to be a study rather than a finished piece, I think it is one of my favorites by him.  At one art lecture I attended, they said the one white iris symbolized hope.  It was painted in the garden of the Saint-Remy asylum where he was recuperating.

Irises by Vincent van Gogh as framed

Irises by Vincent van Gogh

Irises by Vincent van Gogh detail I

Irises by Vincent van Gogh detail II

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Here is a work in progress view of my water lily painting.  I am mostly done with the background and am ready to start painting the water lilies.  Although one waterlily is touched with pink and the other a bit of yellow, the waterlilies will be predominantly white.  It is on an 18"x24" canvas.


Leovi said...

Yes, I love Vincent van Gogh! It is one of the artists who most influenced me, especially in colors!

Christine said...

the water lilies will be beautiful. And I love Van Gogh's work.

carol l mckenna said...

Love your start of the water lily and of course Van Gogh is a favorite of mine too ~ Happy Week to you ~ xoxo

artmusedog and carol ( A Creative Harbor

Margie said...

I love the works of Van Gogh.
And I also love your work!
The water lily is lovely and I look forward to seeing it finished.

Lorraine Renaud said...

I love his flowers, I love the possibility of yours more, I probably already told you but just in case blogger won't allow me to post photos anymore they go straight to google, so i've deleted my blog and went google and deleted each and every one of my photos or almost, i'm hoping so find some kind of photo blog that's not too expensive but in the meantime I kept one, it's the one I write on occasionally well used to be jokes, then I forget and now decided until further notice to just write so if you'd like to check it out it's now called :

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

It's one of my favorites of his, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks very much for your kind words on my WIP too.

I'll check it out Lorraine, thanks!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hope ;o) I love this Lisa ;o) This painting means the world to me ;o) Without hope, we have nothing!
Your water lily is coming along beautiful ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Thanks so much Stacy, hope is such a beautiful thing!

Create With Joy said...

Your art is progressing nicely.
I love Van Gogh and hope to visit the Getty one of these days!

Thanks for inspiring us at Inspire Me Monday at Create With Joy this week Lisa! :-)