Monday, November 17, 2014

Area 51 Art Show + Angel Sketch Revised...

I recently attended  the opening for the AREA 51: Aliens, UFO's, The Cosmos And Beyond; ARTS & MUSIC FESTIVAL that included my alien octopus femme...  Hosted by Cakeshop Oddities &
Double Agent: The Art Of Melissa Lyndell at the Chateau L'amour Art Gallery, it was an amazing and inspiring event.  Here are some of my photos from the show.

Here is a picture of me, Lisa Isabella Russo, by my piece, for some reason I'm looking up, but I guess that makes sense in a show about the cosmos...

Here is a picture of Alex Ledante of the Strange Art of Ledante posing Memento style by his three pieces in the black frames.

Here is a more serious picture of Alex Ledante of the Strange Art of Ledante by his three pieces in the black frames.

This is Dennis Delgado, the owner of the Chateau L'amour Art gallery. 

Artist Christopharo of Art by Christopharo by his two framed in black pieces.

World renowned metal sculpture artist Ricardo Breceda by one of his incredible sculptures.

A panorama view of one of the walls of the gallery, over 50 artists participated!

Another panorama view of another of the walls of the gallery, over 50 artists participated!

The top piece is by Gore and the one below is by Brett Hess.

This piece is by Ken Dougherty.

There was live sketching of this beautiful model.

Over the course of the evening, we were able to see this gorgeous model transform, she and the makeup artist were incredible!

It was an inspiring art show.  To see more photos taken by others, please visit the event page here:

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This is my second drawing of this angel fairy, I think I'm much closer in this sketch to where I want to be with her before I start the painting.  Her neck is a bit more slender and her hair has a bit more movement.  I still need to make some adjustments, but I'm close to starting on this painting.


Anonymous said...

such amazing talent, a wonderful event and you look stunning beside all the paintings, what a beauty you are.

Christine said...

what a wonderful exciting show, good for you Lisa! You look fabulous there too. And pretty fairy sketch.

Lorraine Renaud said...

First off I love what you're wearing it's gorgeous, as you are, and not unusual at all I can pick you art out of all others and they are always my favourites....beautiful work from the other artists as well, very impressive, but I always love yours more....fantastic show Lisa Isabella, and congrats...

Lorraine Renaud said...

and your angel fairy is outstanding, also i like the art of the Alex guy, ;)

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Aww, thanks so much Laurie, Christine, and Lorraine! Much appreciated.

Magic Love Crow said...

Lisa, you look stunning! This show must have been so much fun! Love seeing all the photos! Your angel fairy is so beautiful! Love her ;o)