Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fairy Angel Original Big Eye Blue Moon Gothic Art Painting! Art Prints & ACEO Prints!

This Week "Gossamer Moon" Original 8"x10" Painting here
8"x10" Open Edition print here
ACEO 2.5"x3.5" Limited Edition LE 1st of 25 here

I am listing "Gossamer Moon," an original fairy angel painting.  This big eye gothic fae has violet purple eyes and lovely blue hair.  She has wings with crescent moons and her wings weep softly blue.  The art has a lowbrow surreal feel...  I did not manage to finish up my monkey painting for Chinese New Year for today, but I am hopeful I will for next Tuesday.

I also have additional giclee art and ACEO prints here this week from Tuesday to Tuesday with a theme of winged friends, including a fairy pup and a fairy kitten...  

Most of my art is also available on my website at http://www.lisarusso.com; however, I like to put some art on ebay at a lower promotional start rate for the duration of the auctions...  I have been updating my website.  It's an ongoing project, but there is now an excellent selection of art available!

After the auction, "Gossamer Moon" will be available at full price on my website here.


Christine said...

I love the blues in this piece!

Margie said...

Happy New Year dear Lisa

This is such a lovely art!
You are truly talented!

(heading out in our motor home tomorrow for Texas with hubby and Jake and gone about a month.)

See 'ya later
Be well & happy

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Thanks very much Christine and Margie! Happy new year Margie and have a wonderful trip!

Magic Love Crow said...

She is so magical looking! I love her look! Lisa, do you find that prints sell? I have been asked, but I don't know if it's worth it?

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Thanks so much Stacy! I sell prints on occasion, I have a fine art printer at home that prints beautiful prints, so I feel that there's no harm in offering them...