Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Original Purple Anemone Flower Floral Painting + Art Prints & ACEO Prints! In Persuit of Flora at Huntington Gardens Part I (Closed Show)...

For the month of August I will be offering a free random rough sketch included with any original art order on my website lisarusso.com!  I plan on starting to make some adjustments in pricing and content on my website in September, so now is an excellent time to take a look...

"Violet Windflower" Original 8"x10" Painting on Canvas Here

This week my featured painting is "Violet Windflower."  Anemone flowers translate to windflower in Greek and in the myths were thought to have sprung from Athena's tears from the loss of Adonis.  The art has a soft realist impressionist feel.  The purple anemone floral painting is available for purchase on my website as are art prints and LE ACEO prints!  

Most of my art is also available on my website at lisarusso.com; however, on the first Tuesday of the month, I like to put some art prints and LE ACEO prints on ebay at a lower promotional rate for the duration of the auctions...  This month, my theme includes some of my Chinese Zodiac inspired animals, you may see them here.

Bonus Featured Image "Violet Windflower"
8"x10" Open Edition print on Sale here
ACEO 2.5"x3.5" Limited Edition LE 1st of 25 on Sale here

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In Persuit of Flora Part I
Huntington Gardens (Closed Show)
Eighteenth-Century Botanical Drawings from The Huntington's Art Collections
Huntington Art Gallery – Works on Paper Room

The natural world is filled with many wonders and beauty.  In the 18th century, botanical illustrations were a way to describe and record very detailed depictions of fruits and flowers.  This show exhibited botanical drawings from Huntington Garden's Art Collections.  In addition to being delicate and lovely works of art, these pieces conveyed information about the plants that were painted.  These botanical illustrations from the "Age of Discovery" were a wonder to behold.  I hope that you will enjoy them.

This is part I of II.  I will link to part II here.   This is a closed show.

Climbing Lily by Georg Dionysius Ehert

Carolina Dogwood by Henrietta Conyers

Apocynum Canadense by Henrietta Conyers

Honeywort with a Butterfly by Matilda Conyers

Marvel of Peru by Matilda Conyers

Cistus Ladaniferus by Georg Dionysius Ehert

Aloe Africana, Erecta, Rotundo by Georg Dionysius Ehert

Greengages and Other Fruit by Georg Dionysius Ehert

Whilst I have continued to sketch daily, I spent my time getting this ready and haven't had a chance to prep my sketches yet.  I'll try to get caught up on posting my daily sketches on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful work, wonderful, !,,

Christine said...

Your anemone painting is lovely as are the display works!

JFM/Jan said...

Violet Windflower is gorgeous Lisa!!!
The other paintings in the closed show are stunning! There are some great art and artist out there...of which you are one~

Jennifer Rose said...

very cool seeing the illustrations :)

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful, purple anemone! Love all of the botanical illustrations, too. Hugs, Valerie

Lowcarb team member said...

Your purple anemone painting is lovely.
Nice to see the botanical display too.

All the best Jan

Lisabella Russo said...

Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed my flower painting and the botanical illustrations.

Magic Love Crow said...

Your purple flower is gorgeous Lisa! I love it!
And, those other botanical illustrations are amazing!
Big Hugs!