Friday, February 19, 2010

Another painting of sweet pea flowers & some sketches

This painting is an 8"x10" acrylic on canvas original painting of some sweet pea flower blooms. The blossoms are shades of purple and burgundy, two colors I really love.

In terms of sketching, yesterday I revisited the page of studies by Leonardo Da Vinci and did a few more sketches based on his studies. Of course I feel like Salieri when sketching from such a master, that my most considered lines are nothing next to his most casual attempts, but it was still fun to do. I also learned a bit about drawing profiles just from looking at his. This is by no means the whole page... He has many sections where the profiles are overlapped, like the one I'd done last week with the new one. Also he has overlays; the girl in the middle was covered by the girl at the right, but I could see her a little bit. I thought her lips were about the most beautiful I have seen in ink so I made a small attempt at rendering what I could see. As I said, there are many more images on his sheet, but I think I've done as much from that page as I intend to right now.

Tuesday... a girl

Wednesday... a girl

Thursday... after part of a page of Leonardo da Vinci's "Madonna and child and other studies"

Thursday... also after part of a page of Leonardo da Vinci's "Madonna and child and other studies"


Michelle Smith said...

Great job on the Sweet Pea Flowers. Those are two of my favorite colors, too.

truemuse said...

Thank you so much! Your flowers are *amazing.*