Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sketchy sketches...

All that I have for today is some sketches. I have a new painting that just needs some touch ups that I took some in progress shots of that I also plan on putting into photoshop with some help from a friend to try something very unusual for me, but I probably won't have the opportunity to post on that until Monday or Tuesday.






Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A new painting, a long lapse, and 365

This untitled original 5x7 acrylic pink and yellow water lily painting is my most recent flower piece. I haven't been doing much painting, sketching, or posting in a while. I hope to do better.

I've decided to issue a challenge to myself. I'd like to do at least 365 female faces sketches in approximately that same amount of days. I know I won't sketch daily, so if I miss a day or think I will miss days, I'll try sketch in advance or try to get caught up when I do sketch. This doesn't mean that I won't sketch additional subject matter, just that sketching faces will be the priority. If I get too far behind, I'll probably start from scratch again.

Thus far I have done 5, but two are not shown today because I'm using them for a project that I'm doing that I intend to share my progress on later.

Here is the start of my challenge: