Tuesday, March 20, 2012

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival's "The Whisperer in Darkness" and HPL inspired art by Alex Ledante

Some time ago, I went to the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in San Pedro, CA. One of the outstanding films that I saw was "The Whisperer in Darkness." The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society created a suspenseful rendition of one of Lovecraft's classic tales with a 1930s feel. At the festival, I was able to photograph some miniatures and items related to the film.

In their "Behind the Scenes" page at http://www.cthulhulives.org/whisperer/, you may see some of their in progress photographs of some of the completed miniatures that I have shown below.

An amazing contemporary artist who has been inspired by Lovecraft is Alex Ledante. His most recent HPL inspired piece is this one:

This week, he has some art auctions inspired by Lovecraft here. His website at http://www.ledante.com is full of rich and imaginative pieces. Some of his Lovecraft inspired pieces may be found on his site in his Nightmare Gallery; but in his Portrait Gallery, his Lovecraft inspired Deep One is definitely worth a look. My favorite of his HPL inspired pieces is below, but I invite you to visit his auctions and his website and pick your own personal fave!

Since this is a post fueled by inspiration, I've decided to link it with Inspire Me Monday (I'm a little late) and Inspired Tuesday.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A long absence...

I haven't posted an update in some time. I moved and for a while I did not have internet access at all. Now that I do have it, I'm completely out of the habit of too much more than checking my emails.

I'm very glad about the move, this is a great improvement on my last home. It's farther away from almost everything, but I'm still happy to have moved. However, in moving I've been forced to come to terms with the fact that I own way, way, way too much stuff! I'm afraid I knew that before, but I had more space before.

I'm not set up to paint yet, but that is definitely a priority! Until I get set up, which will likely not be for a while, I expect my posts to be sporadic at best. Although I could surprise myself, I doubt it, but it's possible :). I do hope to be rambling regularly again in the not too distant future...

The photo of the red rose bud above is from my new yard, we have a few rose plants, but it's the only one currently blooming. I think the rest of them think it has been a bit too cold for blooming, but we do have this one rebel bloom...