Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A new painting and some sketches

Here is an untitled 5x7 purple calla lily flower painting that I finished on Friday. Below are some sketches. On Thursday before doing a master study sketch, I did a warm up sketch of some little Iceland Poppy buds, it's wild that such pretty flowers come from such interesting little buds. Monday's sketches are inspired by a couple of sketchstorm topics.

Wednesday... Iceland Poppies
Thursday... Iceland Poppy buds

Thursday... after Peter Paul Rubens' "Study for Abraham and Melchizedek" (cropped)

Friday... a girl

Saturday... an Anthurium flower

Sunday... a girl

Monday... an ice cream cone and a panda bear

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Illustration Friday topic Wilderness & some sketches

This week's Illustration Friday topic is wilderness. I chose to sketch a tiger for this theme. Although it may not be apparent since graphite doesn't convey color well, this tiger is basking in the water. Apparently tigers enjoy spending time in the water.
To see more Illustration Friday themes, please visit http://illustrationfriday.com.

As far as my daily sketching went, I missed Saturday; but did sketch Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. My Tuesday sketch doubled for the sketchstorm topic of hair at http://www.imaginefx.com.

Saturday... Nada
Sunday... A girl

Monday... Calla lily floral flower
Tuesday... A girl, focus on hair

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thursday and Friday sketches

On Thursday I did a master study sketch of a drawing by Singer Sargent. I didn't intend to do another master study sketch so soon, but the Friday imagineFX sketchstorm topic was Gustave Dore and how could I let that go by without giving it a go. I only attempted a tiny portion of one of his works, to try and do more exceeded the scope of time I had available for sketching. Neither of my master sketches are as powerful as the originals, but I enjoyed the attempt. I'm also including a floral from Friday.

Thursday... Flora Priestley after Sargent

Friday... Orchid flower

Friday... Tiny portion of Gustave Dore's "The Fairies"

I had the opportunity to see a Dore study at a temporary exhibit at the Getty and it was absolutely amazing. He is such an amazing artist!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy New Year!

On Sunday I decided that I'm going to try to sketch daily, I'm sure I'll miss some (possibly many) days, but I'm going to make the attempt to be as consistent as possible. As you will see, even in this post, some days are better sketching days for me then others... By sketching more often, I'm hoping to even that out some.

Here are some sketches:

Sunday... A Bird of Paradise flower

Monday... A girl

Tuesday... A girl

Wednesday... A floral orchid