Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thursday and Friday sketches

On Thursday I did a master study sketch of a drawing by Singer Sargent. I didn't intend to do another master study sketch so soon, but the Friday imagineFX sketchstorm topic was Gustave Dore and how could I let that go by without giving it a go. I only attempted a tiny portion of one of his works, to try and do more exceeded the scope of time I had available for sketching. Neither of my master sketches are as powerful as the originals, but I enjoyed the attempt. I'm also including a floral from Friday.

Thursday... Flora Priestley after Sargent

Friday... Orchid flower

Friday... Tiny portion of Gustave Dore's "The Fairies"

I had the opportunity to see a Dore study at a temporary exhibit at the Getty and it was absolutely amazing. He is such an amazing artist!

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