Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy 4th of July! Big Eye Eyed Blue Purple Dragon Original Painting...

Happy Independence Day Wishes from this big eye dragon and from me at!

"Dragonsrock" Original 8"x10" Painting, Open Edition 8"x10" Giclee Prints & Limited Edition Giclee ACEO Prints Here

I'm not really sure what dragons and the 4th of July have to do with each other, but this dragon wanted to celebrate with you and I didn't want to say no...  He or she (I'm respecting the dragon's privacy) does breath fire and some people like fireworks on the fourth, so maybe there's the connection.  This dragon is perched atop a rock, guarding treasure nearby.  I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday and are good to the dragons in your life too!

On the 1st Tuesday of the month I listed some prints at a sale rate!  The theme this month is dragons and unicorns...  This dragon as well as additional pieces are available as open edition giclee art and LE ACEO prints here.