Friday, March 19, 2010

Only a small handful of sketches...

I'm afraid it has been a very poor week for art. Between losing track of time, many appointments, and general malaise; I just haven't done nearly as much as I would have hoped. It has, however, been a very good week for culinary adventures. I tried a new to me restaurant called Phoenicia in Glendale at 343 N. Central Ave. that serves Lebanese food. I've never tried Lebanese food before and I quite enjoyed it. There really isn't a main course item for vegetarians, but there are plenty of delicious side dishes that when combined can make for a wonderful meal. Apparently they also have a live belly dancing show on Friday and Saturday nights; but, I went during the week. It was nice. There's valet parking, but if you don't mind walking a little, street parking when I went was plentiful. Anyway, on to the sketches. I didn't manage that many, but I did do one from the book yesterday.

Saturday... lost track of time
Sunday... let time get away from me again
Monday... a Hibiscus flower

Tuesday... tired and crashed
Wednesday... a bunny

Thursday... an orchid floral

Thursday... after Raphael Sanzio's "Fight between man on a horse and two nude soldiers" (cropped)

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