Friday, February 11, 2011

Musings on a trip to Descanso Gardens

I took the photograph above at Descanso Gardens on Thursday. I love the majesty of trees, I am drawn to them. The light was fading and I snapped this shot thinking of my grandfather. We were visiting the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena and we went outside to the water lily pond. He said to me, art is beautiful, but it is nothing to the beauty of nature. When I saw this scene, it struck me, the very truth of his words. I strive for beauty in my art, but sometimes one single look at the arching trees above can simply floor me. I took a number of photographs on my visit, but this one feels how I was feeling.

I'd like to share a painting, but I do not have one that feels right to share right now. For now, here are my sketches. They are all imperfect and flawed, but some may have the potential with some work to possibly be something more at some point. For now, they are practice.

2_4_11/12, 13 2_8_11/14
2_8_11/15 2_9_11/16, 17
2_11_11/18, 19

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