Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gossamer Moon, an original art fairy faerie angel painting and some prints...

This is a new painting from me. Titled Gossamer Moon, the painting is an acrylic 8"x10" original on canvas. To view this painting on eBay, please visit here.

I also have some prints available this week. The prints are Timeless Beauty (a white iris floral), Seven (an angel fairy), White Lily, and Deep in Thought (an angel fairy). To see them all, please visit here.

The originals of Timeless Beauty and Seven are not for sale, but the originals of White Lily and Deep in Thought are available on my website.


Maša said...

I browsed your gallery and I was really amazed. your work is so beautiful. I love the melancholy atmosphere of your fairies paintings. I would love to see more fantasy paintings of this style. your master studies are also my favorites. and I love love your self portrait! I would like to feature your work on my blog but not yet (when I would have more readers and reputation as a blogger cause I'm afraid not enough people would see it now!). :)

Lisabella Russo said...

Thanks so much Masa for visiting my art and for your thoughtful comments on my art. I would absolutely love to have my art featured on your blog when you feel the time is right! I am very much looking forward to when you start your handmade business, you have such a creative flair.