Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Technical Difficulties and New Toys...

Due to technical difficulties, also known as the demise of my printer, I was forced to end some auctions before their time was up.  Fortunately, I have a new fine art printer now and I am pleased to be able to offer prints again.  Due to the untimely end of my prior auctions, I've relisted them.  "Violet Dreams" a Gothic blue angel loosely inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci is one of them, she's up at eBay here.

Prints additionally listed this week are "Dreamer," a fairy dog napping peacefully on a sunflower, "Sunlight Sunbright" a vivid sunflower, "Red Red Rose" a deep burgundy rose bud, "The Gift" a mermaid with a present for her turtle friend, and "Gentle" my little brown bunny.  They're all here starting today and ending next Tuesday.

I am also hoping to have a new small original by Friday for NFAC, but I'm unsure if I'll make it on time for the deadline!  I'll certainly give it a try though.  The theme this month is fairies, I love fairies!

In part because I'm just glad to have a new printer and in part because I planned to anyway, I'm having a print giveaway that ends on July 30th, the information is here.


Magic Love Crow said...

I love fairies too ;o) Violet Dreams is beautiful! Have a great day ;o)

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Thanks so much Stacy, I hope your day is stellar too :).