Monday, December 9, 2013

Lego Sculptures at Downtown Disney Part I + My Practice Canvas...

I saw these sculptures at the Lego store when I went to visit the Wonderland Gallery at Downtown Disney, I didn't take any pictures at the gallery because I wasn't sure if it was allowed or not; but, when I saw these Lego pieces at the Lego store, I was thrilled.  I took too many photos to post all at one time, so there will be a Part II probably next week.  I hope you will enjoy them, it's a little different from what usually inspires me, but I thought they were fun!

Men Made of Men

Men Made of Men Close Up

Beauty (Belle) and the Beast

Lumière, a Candelabra and Cogsworth, a Clock

The Beast

Giant Dragon Fighting a Knight on a Horse

My Lovely Mother with the Hulk

A Friendlier Dragon Peeking Out From a Wall of Product

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I've been headache plagued so I haven't made any progress on my mermaid painting yet.  This canvas is my practice canvas.  I use it to try different things out.  Before I put seaweed on my seahorses painting, I painted a portion of the canvas the color I used for the ocean and tested the colors I wanted to use for the seaweed here.  I also tested two different types of texture mediums I bought to see which one would work best for my painting rose immersion.  I plan on finding my gesso (where that has absconded to I'm not really sure at the moment) and blocking in some white to do some test skin tones before I use them on the mermaid painting.  It's presently pretty covered with color because I hate wasting paint and I enjoy smishing it around and seeing what transpires.  It was also definitely long past time to start a new palette...


Christine said...

fun photos and it is a great idea to have a practice canvas!

Tammie Lee said...

have you tried inhaling peppermint oil, good quality for your headache, sometimes it works quite well.

amazing sculptures!

Out of Sight L said...

I like how you appreciate and see art form that no one would notice, I loved the image you started it's heavenly and you call it your practice canvas...I hope your headaches go away quickly Lisa Isabella...for all you know maybe you need glasses I didn't know it needed them until I started wearing them and oh my gosh I could see everything, whatever the reason, rest and drink a lot of water...I'll pray them away :)

Magic Love Crow said...

I am so sorry about your headache my friend! You know, for about two weeks now, I have been getting headaches too and I usually don't get them!
The Lego Sculptures are amazing! How cool and fun! I love the picture of your mom and hulk! LOL!
Your canvas is stunning! I love the way it looks now!!

Lisabella Russo said...

Thanks Christine, Tammie Lee, Lorraine, and Stacy. I get headaches periodically, this bout lasted longer then usual, but I feel okay today.

Thanks Tammie Lee, I'll give that a try.

My close vision is okay Lorraine, but I probably need better glasses for distance, thanks Lorraine I appreciate the kind thoughts.

Thanks Stacy, I hope your headaches feel better soon.