Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Photograph of a Brown Butterfly at Schabarum Park & Seascape Website Update...

I took this photograph when I was visiting Schabarum Park.  I was there at the tail end of the cherry blossom season and this lovely brown, yellow gold, and white butterfly with some red accents landed near my feet before flitting off.  I'm not sure what kind of butterfly this is, only that I was happy it spent some time flying by me and stopping for a little bit.  It had such beautiful wings, perhaps they will make their way into one of my fairy paintings at some point...  I hope that you will enjoy this photo!

"CA Coast" Original Painting SOLD
Open Edition 8"x10" Giclee Prints & Limited Edition Giclee ACEO Prints Here

In addition to loving mermaids, I have a deep love of the ocean.  This piece is inspired by Point Dume in Zuma Beach, California.  There's something about the sea I find very compelling.  The piece has a soft realist impressionist feel.  The original is sold, but I do have this piece available as prints and ACEOs!

Every week on Tuesday, I try to list a small original, some giclee art prints, and giclee LE ACEO prints at promotional prices. Visit here to see what I have available this week!


Christine said...

gorgeous wings and lovely coastal painting!

Margie said...

Oh, I love butterflies and this is such a lovely one you have captured in your photo , Lisa.

Your painting is truly fabulous ..
I love the ocean and miss it living in Colorado but we have our gorgeous mountains here.

Guess what, Lorraine will be back tomorrow, I was talking to her today.
Good News!!!

Magic Love Crow said...

That butterfly is so pretty!
Lisa, is there anything you can't paint! Gorgeous ocean painting! Congrats on the sale ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)

Alexandra said...

What a beautiful butterfly. Before I transferred from IL to CO, I was captivated by the various kinds of butterflies, always taking photos and looking them up. This one is lovely! :)

Out of Sight L said...

Your macros and that painting is exceptional...sold already? gosh

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Thank you kindly Christine, Margie, Stacy, Alexandra, and Lorraine! Welcome back Lorraine!