Friday, August 7, 2015

Angel Fairy Big Eye Art Original Painting Work in Progress WIP + Alien Femme Art Website Update...

Here is a work in progress view of my 11"x14" original gothic angel fairy painting.  So, I'm still working on her neck...  I was trying for a very pale cool hue for her, but it wasn't working for me, so I'm now going back to a warmer hue.  I will be moving forward to her face soon, and then possibly some glazing for shadows.  I still want her to be pale, but not quite as cool.  I haven't made much progress on her this week as I'm changing directions, but I will hopefully finish her sometime this year!  Well, I can hope anyway...  I very much believe that each painting takes as long as it needs, and this painting certainly has its own timescale...

I'm joining in this week with Paint Party Friday.  To see more participants, please visit:

"pieuvrefemme" Original 11"x14" Painting, Open Edition 8"x10" Giclee Prints & Limited Edition Giclee ACEO Prints Here

"pievrefemme" is a one of my fantasy paintings.  It was inspired by the alien themed show at the Chateau L'amour gallery.  She has big octopus inspired eyes and tentacles.  It was a fun piece to paint that's a bit different from my usual big eye gothic femmes...  This piece is available as an original, as prints, and Limited Edition ACEOs! 

My website at has more art available, including additional big eye art in the fantasy art section!

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Unknown said...

Hi Lisa :)
I like the colour of her neck now
much better than that white :) Why
don't you just do her face in the
same colour? She will still be very
pale :))
But, to tell you the truth, the
second picture is not of a kind I
like at all :)) That is not my style :)
So sorry ;)

Have a beautiful day!

Lisabella Russo said...

Hi Möwe, I'm not done with her face yet, she needs some more layers and they will be warmer in hue than what is there presently. I very much enjoyed painting my alien femme, although she is definitely different than what I usually paint!

Christine said...

She is coming along so nicely! Lovely fantasy piece too!

leekrek said...

cant wait to see her when she is done. The fantasy piece is amazing.


Summer said...

she looks lovely.

Wanda said...

I think the neck color would be nice for her face too. But she is your masterpiece, so I'll wait and see the final result.

As far as the blue alien .....I think she's singing ..."Am I blue...Am I blue...are these tears in my eyes, Am I blue" are probably too young to know that song. I've from a different era. HaHa.

Carol Rigby said...

I love seeing WIP's. Looking forward to seeing how she turns out.

Nadya said...

What gorgeous wings on your angel-fairy! Wow!
I also work with the facial layers for awhile ... it will be fun to see how she progresses. We have an annual Alien Festival ... your alien would fit right in!!
Happy PPF

Lisabella Russo said...

Thanks so very much! Still so much to do on the angel, I'm hoping to finish her sometime this year... I don't know the blue song, but it sounds nice!

Giggles said...

Love your adorable alien... Your fairy is beautiful...can't wait to see her finished!

Hugs Giggles

Lisabella Russo said...

Thanks very much Giggles!

mandysea said...

She is going to be amazing. I love her white hair.... and light hue.. It will be lovely to see her finished