Monday, December 19, 2011

My finished white bunny rabbit hare painting and four prints...

This is my newest painting. It is of a white winter hare. I love bunnies and I realized I could not recall having painted one as an adult. I felt that was something that needed to be remedied! Titled Snowy Bunny, the painting is an acrylic 8"x10" original on canvas. To view this painting on eBay, please visit here. This rabbit has ears tipped with dark brown and light brown eyes and seems very happy in the snow.

The prints are CA Coast (a seascape of a sunny day at Point Dume in Zuma Beach), Cleo (a Gothic Egyptian angel fairy), To Touch the Sky (some sweet pea blossoms reaching upwards), and Leda and the Swan (a Gothic Lolita angel fairy with Zeus in the shape of a swan and some calla lilies inspired loosely by Leonardo da Vinci's masterwork). To see them all, please visit here.

The original of CA Coast is sold; but, the original of Cleo is available in the Fantasy Gallery, To Touch the Sky is available in the Floral Gallery, and Leda and the Swan is available in the Master Studies Gallery at my website here.