Thursday, January 12, 2012

My current listings featuring a print of my self portrait, "Drowning"

This is a new to eBay print from me. Titled Drowning, it is based on a painting that I did as a self portrait. I've only ever attempted one other self portrait, but that one is lost to us as it was stolen before I could even photograph it, so this one is the only one there is at present. To view this print on eBay, please visit here.

I also have some additional prints available this week. The prints are Timeless Beauty (a white iris floral), Deep in Thought (an angel fairy), White Lily, and Seven (an angel fairy). To see them all, please visit here.

The originals of Drowning, Timeless Beauty, and Seven are not for sale; but the originals of White Lily and Deep in Thought are available on my website.

I was trying to list one small original a week, unfortunately it generally takes me longer than a week to complete one painting. This might not be the case if I worked solely on one painting at a time, but I find that even with the speed at which acrylics dry, there's still the need to work on more than one painting if I don't want to have a lot of empty space in my painting sessions. So, that being said, I've decided to wait for a while before listing more originals on eBay. When I have a nice little pile of small new works, it is my intention to try again (until I run out of new ones to share again, then I will return to stockpiling, and so on, and so forth...).

I doubt I will ever be truly organized, but right now I feel like making the attempt. It's so much more boring of a goal than painting, but my hopes are that if I am more organized, it will increase my productivity on some level... Anyway, with that being a current and driving force for me, most of my print listings will be repeats for a while. I will strive to list one new to eBay print per batch of auctions when I can though.

On January 21st I will have a giveaway of one free print of the winner's choice. There are numerous ways to enter, for each one you get an entry. One way is to follow this blog! Additional links to enter may be found here, although my facebook content is virtually identical to my blog content. Sometime next week I will try to do a post specifically devoted to the giveaway.


Maša said...

so so very beautiful. cant wait for the giveaway! :)

Lisabella Russo said...

Thank you so very much Masa, I think I'll do the post devoted to the giveaway on Monday (or possibly Tuesday). On Monday we have a holiday, it's not a big holiday, it's Dr. Martin Luther King day, but I think it should be :)).

peggy gatto said...

Lovely painting!!!!
I also love flowers and look forward to seeing your magnolia!!!

Lisabella Russo said...

Thanks very much Peggy Gatto :).

Lisabella Russo said...

Thanks very much Peggy Gatto :).