Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Cherry Blossoms Flowers Floral Original Art Painting! Art Prints & ACEO Prints! March Sketches...

This Week "Sakura San" Original 8"x10" Painting here
8"x10" Open Edition print here
ACEO 2.5"x3.5" Limited Edition LE 1st of 25 here

I am listing "Sakura San," an original floral painting.  This is the third in my series of cherry blossoms.  They are such a delicate flower and I love their fleeting beauty.  The art has a soft realist impressionist feel...  This weekend is the cherry blossoms festival at Descanso Gardens, I am looking forward to seeing more of these lovely flowers.

I also have additional giclee art and ACEO prints here  this week from Tuesday to Tuesday with a theme of spring cherry blossoms and sweet pea flowers...   

Most of my art is also available on my website at www.lisarusso.com; however, I like to put some art on ebay at a lower promotional start rate for the duration of the auctions...  I have been updating my website.  It's an ongoing project, but there is now an excellent selection of art available!

Here is a sketch of a big eyed gothic maiden.  Some of her hair is flowing outwards and she is wearing a mask that elegantly covers part of her face.  If I were to paint her, I think she would be a mermaid although she could also be a fairy angel or a goddess.  I'm unsure if I'll paint her or not, but I did enjoy sketching her.  

I've decided to try and do a sketch a day in March.  This is day 8.

This is a rough sketch.


Christine said...

Oh this is lovely, the pink and white is stunning in its details. Nice mask on your pretty girl too!

DVArtist said...

The Cherry blossoms are just beautiful. You have really captured their delicate nature.

Lisabella Russo said...

Thanks so much Christine and Nicole. Cherry blossoms are one of my favorite flowers (although I do seem to have a lot of favorites...).