Monday, August 21, 2017

The 5th Annual Coaster Show at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery Mermaid Octopus & Betta Fish Goddess Art Original Paintings + August Sketches, Sketch 21, Rose + Solar Eclipse...

My 4"x4" original paintings have been accepted for the The 5th Annual Coaster Show at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery!  Here are the final two of them completed.  The mermaid with an octopus is "Octina" and the goddess with the betta fish is "Lovfina."  They will be available from the gallery starting on September 1st.  Most likely I will not be attending the opening, but I hope to be at the closing near the end as well as to visit at some point during the run of the show to try and get some photographs to share.  The show information is below.

Edit:  The first two are here.

The 5th Annual Coaster Show
September 1 – October 1, 2017
Opening Reception: Friday, Sept. 1st, 8-11 PM
Closing Party: Sunday, Oct. 1st noon-six PM

11 to 7 PM Monday to Wednesday
11 to 9 PM Thursday to Saturday
Noon to 6 PM on Sunday
The gallery is located inside the Soap Plant/Wacko complex.

La Luz de Jesus Gallery
Location: 4633 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA. 90027
Phone: (323) 666-7667

You may see more of my finished paintings at if you'd like. 


Here is a sketch of a rose.  Roses are so very near and dear to my heart that they recur with frequency in my work...  I'm unsure if I'll paint it or not, but I did enjoy sketching it. 

I've decided to try and do a sketch a day in August.  This is day 21.  

This is a rough sketch.


Happy Eclipse Day!

I took these photographs of the sun during the solar eclipse from my front yard.  At the last minute I bought some solar eclipse glasses (I called around 13 places on Friday and Saturday until I found someone local who had them in stock), I bought an extra one to tape over my camera lense as I read that the eclipse could damage camera lense.  The image on the bottom is pretty much what the eclipse looked like to me through the solar eclipse glasses, the one on the top was at a different camera setting and I thought it was beautiful.  I hope that you will enjoy the photos!

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Christine said...

Beautiful coasters and a lovely rose sketch! The eclipse photos are amazing, great job Lisa!

carol l mckenna said...

Wonderful eclipse photos ~ and lovely coaster art and of course the rose is divine ~ ^_^

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Love your eclipse photo.
Shared this post.

Valerie-Jael said...

LOVE the eclipse photos, thanks so much for sharing, glad you got the glasses. Congrats on being part of the show! Great rose sketch, too. Hugs, Valerie

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

congrats on getting into the show :) hopefully you get to go :)

no eclipse here, we had one a few months ago tho which was neat to see :)

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Thanks so very much Christine, Carol, Martin, Valerie, and Jennifer!

Magic Love Crow said...

So happy you finished these paintings and they are going to be at the gallery with the other ones! Congrats Lisa! Love the flower sketch and I love your eclipse photo!! WOW!!! I didn't see anything here! Big Hugs!

Lowcarb team member said...

Love your coaster art, and your sketch and your eclipse photograph.

All the best Jan

JKW said...

I love the coaster art of both the flowers and the ladies. The eclipse is great. Blessings, Janet