Monday, August 11, 2014

Love Letter by Pietro Antonio Rotari at the Norton Simon Museum of Art & an Aphrodite Venus Goddess Website Update

This is a piece that I love at the Norton Simon Museum of Art.  By Pietro Antonio Rotari, a very highly successful artist of his day, I feel that this piece has such charm.  "Young Girl Writing a Love Letter" has such a sweet feeling.  These days I think letters on paper are fairly rare, but I think they are wonderful!

Young Girl Writing a Love Letter by Pietro Antonio Rotari

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Christine said...

dreamy romantic art piece. And lovely goddess!

Pam Genant said...

Ocean Born is lovely. Her eyes have such a mystical feel.

Margie said...

I love that painting by Rotari ... I still write letters once in a while and so love getting one in the mail ...
Oh my, your goddess is so beautiful ... her eyes are amazing , another lovely work, Lisa.. Bravo!

Leovi said...

I love your inspiration, interesting their goddess of the sea, very beautiful!

Lorraine Renaud said...

She is so beautiful, Iwould want to be of the Sea, oh beautiful Lisa Isabella, yes i miss getting letters in the mail, or card, better yet presents lol I got a beautiful one yesterday, it's in front of me and melts my heart, thank you, so much! xxx

Camila Rafaela Felippi said...

Your inspiration was amazing! Beautiful blonde girl, like a princess, but without the crown.
I would like to visit an art museum, but when I live there isn't art museum ): I would like to visit one in São Paulo, but it's so far ):

Camila Rafaela Felippi said...

where I live*

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Thanks so very very much!

Camila, I feel so fortunate to be relatively near to museums, I'm glad you enjoyed the paintings!

I'm so glad to hear of the safe arrival of "To Fly or Not to Fly" Lorraine!

Magic Love Crow said...

This Love letter painting is gorgeous! I would love a hand written love letter ;o) That would be so special!
Your painting is stunning Lisa! She is so pretty ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)