Thursday, July 30, 2015

Big Eye Gothic Fairy Angel Mermaid Sketch Art + Landscape Waterfall Website Update...

Here is a sketch of a big eye gothic maiden.  I am uncertain if she would like to be a mermaid, angel, fairy, or possibly a goddess; or some combination thereof.  I think she has an inquisitive contemplative quality.  I'm not sure if I'll paint her or not, but I did enjoy sketching her.

"Untitled" Original Painting Sold
Open Edition 8"x10" Giclee Prints & Limited Edition Giclee ACEO Prints Here

"Untitled" is a nature landscape scene.  It's one of the first paintings that I ever sold.  I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and I've always loved nature.  This scene has a waterfall and unique stones... The art has an impressionist tonalist feel. This original is sold, but I do have it available as prints and ACEOs!

My website at has many more paintings available, some of them landscape art in the assorted art section!

Every week on Tuesday, I try to list a small original, some giclee art prints, and giclee LE ACEO prints at promotional prices. Visit here to see what I have available this week!


Christine said...

Love her tip-tilted eyes...and a beautiful serene landscape, congrats on the sale!

mandysea said...

Her eyes are just captivating! I'm sure she'd look just as beautiful coloured too!
Congratulations on your painting being sold - its stunning in its blues!

Möwe von der Insel said...

Love the way she looks :)
She is good to be anything :))

And I sure love your waterfall
painting! I wouldn't even
think about doing that.
But I love looking at it :))

Have a beautiful weekend!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Thanks so very much Christine, mandysea, and Möwe!