Friday, April 28, 2017

El Festival de las Flores at the Neutra Institute Gallery & Museum Show Opening Photographs & Upcoming Closing! Art Sketch of a Big Eye Fairy Angel, April 28 Daily Sketches...

Me (artist Lisa Isabella Russo) with my iris painting in the golden frame "Variegated Bliss" and a lovely piece below mine by Reidar Schoopp.

Here are some of my photographs from the opening day of El Festival de las Flores at the Neutra Institute Gallery & Museum Show.  There were a lot of wonderful pieces, these are just a sampling...   

Edit: It looks like the curator is feeling better, the closing is as scheduled on May 7th from 6-9, we'll likely be there towards the end..
The closing reception was scheduled for Sunday May 7th from 6-9 PM; however the curator had a medical emergency, I'll update you as I know more...

Neutra Institute Gallery & Museum
2379 Glendale Blvd 
Los Angeles, CA  90039
(323) 247-7113

by Brent Hanson

artist Andrew Cervantes with his art

by Vicki Barkley

by Shannon La Baw O'Sullivan

by Elisa Garcia

by Mary Kay Wilson

by Kiersten Ko Yama Sugano

artist Michael Giancristiano with his art and girlfriend

by Tom Lasley

artist Malinalxochitl Zapata with some of her lovely pieces

by Chuka Susan Chesney 

Today is the closing day for the Sketchbook West Las Laguna Gallery Show.  To see more information as well as some photographs from the show, please visit here.

I'm joining in this week with Paint Party Friday.  To see more participants, please visit:

Here is a sketch of a big eyed maiden.  She is glancing upwards at a monarch butterfly friend...  I think she is most likely a fairy angel, although she could also be a goddess or a mermaid.  I'm unsure if I'll paint her or not, but I did enjoy sketching her.  

I've decided to try and do a sketch a day in April.  This is day 28.

This is a rough sketch.  You may see some of my finished paintings at if you'd like.   


Lorraine said...

congrats looking good and what a lovely painting you did along with the other too..hope the curator is ok though

Valerie-Jael said...

Love the beautiful photo of you standing in front of the gorgeous iris. Thanks for sharing the pics of the exhibit, it all looks great. Love the sketch, too. Hugs, Valerie

Sandee Setliff said...

Beautiful works by you and all the other artists, I just love being in exhibits and shows! So much fun to be gathered with like-minded souls!

Christine said...

You look so lovely with your paintings! Beautiful butterfly maiden and thanks for sharing the wonderful art from the show.

Faye said...

You and your iris painting are both very beautiful!

Martin Kloess said...

Thank you for the show around. My compliments to the picture of you.

Giggles said...

Your iris is gorgeous as are you!! Love the roses your captured and the others wonderful pieces!! Thanks for sharing! Looks like a lovely affair!! Beautiful wip too!

Hugs Giggles

Lowcarb team member said...

Oh such a lovely post.
Good to see you with your lovely art-work, but appreciated the photographs and tour seeing the others too.
Thank you.

Good wishes for the weekend

All the best Jan

Jan said...

All kinds of gorgeous art by these talented artists...of which you are definitely included Lisa with your fantastic Iris painting!!!
I adore the Dragon Fly piece!!!
Your sketch is beautiful!!!

Great Big Hugs~

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I just love that piece and congratulations. There are a lot of talented people there. Have a great weekend.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

lovely maiden and butterfly :)

NatashaMay said...

What gorgeous art! Love it!

Regine Karpel said...


Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Thanks so much, your kind words are much appreciated!

Magic Love Crow said...

Thanks for sharing all this amazing art! I love seeing it! You look so beautiful with the flower in your hair Lisa! I love your maiden! Gorgeous! Big Hugs!

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Aww, thanks so very much Stacy!